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Engineering solutions provider in Singapore, we offer a range of engineering solutions which include welding, steel/aluminum structure fabrication, hydraulics repair, glass works, machinery panel repair etc. We specalise in repair of compactor, waste trucks, construction machineries (excavator, boring rig, crawler crane). Provide on-site repair services for stationary compactor and construction for excavator, boring rig & crawler crane, customised fabrication of steel structure to your specification. The customers we served includes companies in construction, waste management, marine industries. Equipped with decades of technical know-how, we are well positioned to provide engineering solutions to your problems.


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Construction Machineries (Excavator, Boring Rig, Crawler Crane) Glass Repair Works

We provide on-site glass replacement work for construction machineries, excavator, boring rig, crawler crane of different types and brand. Models include Hitachi, Bauer, Doosan, IMT, Caterpillar, Sany, Casagrande, Kobelco and many others. Tempered glass is offered for higher durability and higher safety properties. Equipped with specialised power and handtools, we get the job done neatly and quickly.

Steel Fabrication, Refurbishment, Panel Repair & Painting Work

Our personnel are able to take on various fabrications work in accordance to your requirements. Items fabricated include boring rig kelly bar, cleaning bucket, open top container, machineries panel, hydraulic cylinder etc. We also provide restoration work (panel repair & painting) for construction machineries and equipments.

Waste Compactors & Waste Truck Repair & Servicing

We are specialised in repair & servicing of various waste compactors & trucks. Provide on-site repair & servicing for stationary waste compactor and refubishment of bin centre. Timely delivery for minimum down time.

Machining Works

Check out our partner company RYH JENG ENGINEERING TRADING which provides wide range of machining work. Products includes gears( spur gear, helical gear, worm gear), hydraulic cylinder (shaft, piston, head cap, barrel), coupling etc.



Blk 9002 Tampines St 93 #01-12 SG 528836

Tel: 6782 2617 / 9181 7386

Fax: 6785 5513

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